About us

RETIPROTEK is a product manufacture and sold by the company BIOTECH & NUTRITION RESEARCH S.L. The company is proud to include in its research team Doctors with extensive experience working on diseases related to vision and the retina and nutrition, for instance: Doctor Regina Rodrigo Nicolás, Doctor José María Millán Salvador and Doctor José Miguel Soriano del Castillo.

About us

RETIPROTEKis a nutraceutical based on years of study and research, the composition and formulation of these capsules show positive results in terms of visual function in those patients who have participated in the study.

Developed and distributed by
Biotech and Nutrition Research SL, a company based in the Parc Cientific Universitat de Valencia and founded by a multidisciplinary team made up of researchers, pharmacists, business executives and those affected by Retinitis Pigmentosa, who have come together with the specific aim of contributing to the treatment presently available to those who suffer from retinopathies such as Retinitis Pigmentosa, which are presently extremely limited.

Its main purpose is to transform the positive results supported by clinical studies of scientific research related to vision, into real solutions available to people who need to improve their visual function or slow down the progression of certain diseases that affect vision, such as Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Our aim
is to be an international benchmark in advances of treatments aimed at improving people’s eye health, based always, on expansive research and the endorsement of the positive results gained. Our main strength is the professional skills and firm commitment of our team, who will continually strive to provide real solutions in the future, such as RETIPROTEK.

Relying for this on the clinical leadership of Doctors and specialists with extensive research work on diseases related to vision and the retina: Doctor Regina Rodrigo Nicolás, Doctor José María Millán Salvador, Doctor José Miguel Soriano del Castillo, Doctor Lorena Olivares and Sheila Velasco.



Jose Maria Millan Salvador

Doctor in Biological Sciences from the University of Valencia. Doctoral thesis on the genetics of retinitis pigmentosa. Researching hereditary retinal dystrophies for more than 30 years. He currently holds the position of Head Researcher of the Molecular Biomedicine group at the Health Research Institute of Hospital La Fe in Valencia. Member of the scientific committee of the portal for rare diseases Orphanet-Spain, and of the European Retinal Diseases Consortium.

Regina Rodrigo Nicolas

Doctor in Biological Sciences from the University of Valencia. Thesis on alterations in glutamatergic neurotransmission in situations of liver failure and hyperammonemia. For more than ten years researching pharmacological targets for retinitis pigmentosa. Currently Head Researcher of the Physiopathology and Vision Diseases group at the Príncipe Felipe Research Centre in Valencia. Associate Professor of the Department of Physiology at the University of Valencia.

Lorena Olivares González

Lorena Olivares González PhD in Biomedicine and Biotechnology from the University of Valencia. Doctoral thesis on anti-inflammatory and antioxidant therapies for the treatment of retinitis pigmentosa. Currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Physiopathology and Vision Diseases group at the Príncipe Felipe Research Centre in Valencia.

Sheyla Velasco Gomariz

Graduated in Biotechnology from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Master's degree in Biomedical Research from the University of Valencia. She is currently doing her doctoral thesis on nanotherapies for the treatment of retinal diseases in the Physiopathology and Vision Diseases group at the Príncipe Felipe Research Centre.

José Miguel Soriano del Castillo

Graduated in Human Nutrition and Dietetics. Doctor in Pharmacy. Professor of the Nutrition and Bromatology Area at University of Valencia. Director of the University Clinic of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Physiotherapy (CUNAFF). Director of the Food&Health Lab-University of Valencia. Co-director of the Joint Endocrinology, Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics Research Unit of the La Fe Health Research Institute.

Josefa Nicolás Galán

University graduate nurse with more than 20 years of extensive professional experience. She has developed her work in different health areas with patients and diverse pathologies as a nurse in community centres, hospitals, schools, and in nursing homes for the elderly.

Miguel Capdevila Mulet

Graduated from the University of Valencia, the Instituto Empresa, Business School and ISDI. With more than 30 years of experience in the financial sector at national and international level. He has also been a member of the University-Business Foundation Board of Trustees (ADEIT), Vice President of the Barcelona Centre Financier Europeu and former councillor of the Reciprocal Guarantee Society of Catalonia.

Miguel Morillo Benavent

Degree in Economics from the University of Valencia. Graduated from the IESE University of Navarra and the Camilo José Cela University of Madrid. Qualified as an independent auditor in the Official Registry of Auditors of Accounts (ROAC) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. He has extensive experience in Corporate Governance of commercial entities, having held positions in numerous government bodies, among others, in the hospitals of Manises, Torrevieja, Denia, Elche and the Presidency of Ribera Salud.

Marcia Rodríguez Viñas

Entrepreneur with training in Business Administration and Management from the P.U.C.M.M.(R.D.), Hotel and Restaurant Management from the C.S.I. (USA) and Master in Tourism Destination Development by the UNED. Since 2018 she has also been a member of 15k ANGELS.